DTS Centrally Billed and Individual Billed Accounts

Experts in DTS Travel Reconciliation and Operational Support

DTSCBADefense Travel System reconciliation processes are complex. They require appropriate management oversight and timely action to meet program-related and financial management regulations and procedures. Immersion Consulting experts provide high performance travel management support for defense organizations, resulting in the achievement of accurate and audit-able results, streamlined business processes, workload reduction and measurable cost savings.

We help our clients revitalize their travel programs by developing and implementing a three-phased Travel Improvement Plan (TIP) Program that consolidates government travel charge card (GTCC) operations of both Centrally Billed Accounts (CBA) and Individual Billed Accounts (IBA). Our clients benefits from sustainment training and continuity of operations under Immersion's TIP Program.

Since 2004, Immersion has been at the forefront in implementing, facilitating and sustaining DTS management at multiple levels, including support for the Navy's DTS program management office and for numerous major commands in the Army and the Navy. Our support for this program runs the gamut, from the highest level of management to field-level activities. Our DTS experts will take your DTS Travel Reconciliation processes to the next level of performance.  Immersion will help your organization improve utilization, enhance operational processes and procedures and move you toward realizing FIP and FIAR compliance.

DTS Travel Improvement Plan (TIP) Program Support

Immersion Consulting provides prime contractor support for Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (PACLFT) Headquarters and COMSUBPAC in Pearl Harbor to improve travel program management results by leveraging the value of DTS as an IT-based travel program. Since 2008, Immersion support covered training, implementation and integration of two automated travel and financial systems and the alignment of key operational stakeholders across the Command. Our performance under this contract includes:

  • Management of travel functions, including auditing, training and reporting for DTS/CBA/IBA
  • Support for nearly 40 naval vessels and over 50 shore activities across five geographic locations
  • Provision of 24/7 Help Desk support
  • Implementation and management of the first COMSUBPAC Overseas Emergency Leave/MEDIVAC/HUMIVAC business practice
  • Developing and enhancing systems and modules to reduce errors and improve integration with systems such as DFAS, DTMO, PMO-DTS and NROWS

Immersion's direct impact and success is reflected by the two national awards SUBPAC has won for travel excellence: 2008 - Under Secretary of Defense Financial Management Award for Financial Management Process Improvement (presented by the American Society of Military Comptrollers) and 2010 - Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) Icon Award for Excellence in Travel Program Guidance and Communication.

CBA Reconciliation and Operational Support

Immersion has implemented process improvements and provided operational support to improve adherence to DTMO CBA Reconciliation procedures. Immersion's expertise with DTS and CBA Reconciliation took the SUBPAC from having numerous accounts near suspension and saved the Command substantial interest fees and penalties - all within the first 30 days of our incumbency. Since that time, the CBA has zero delinquencies and its account management is recognized by the Navy Travel PMO (OPNAV N41) and the CCPMD office as the best in the Department of the Navy.

IBA Card Growth Success, Delinquency Reduction and Fraud Detection

While Navy MAJCOM average delinquency rates average about 3.5%, SUBPAC IBA delinquency rates are near zero since Immersion's program support efforts began over four years ago. The PACFLT IBA delinquency rate has also been substantially reduced, again to near zero rates. Immersion is also close to achieving the Navy's IBA mandate with an IBA card growth rate of close to 300% over the term of the contract. Our attention to program rules and regulations and ability to leverage our business intelligence capabilities have resulted in the detection of tens of thousands of fraudulent charges, vouchers and inappropriate use of the DTS and GOVCC Database access.

Talk to an Immersion Expert to Improve your CBA Reconciliation and IBA Program Results

Immersion's efforts at PACFLT and COMBSUBPAC reflects our ability to deliver high performing and sustainable CBA Reconciliation processes, improve utilization of mandated IBA travel and save considerable government funds through improved processes and management reporting. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your command achieve improved DTS program results.

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