Immersion DTS Team Completes FMO-3 Project to Rave Reviews


navy logoThe Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management Office's Financial Services Division (FMO-3) is responsible for the oversight and management of electronic commerce initiatives, the Navy's use of commercial charge cards for travel and small purchases, civilian and military pay matters, the Navy's relationship with banks and credit unions that operate Navy installations throughout the world, and travel and disbursing policy. The division is also responsible for management of the Transportation Incentive Program that exists outside the National Capital Region to promote the use of mass transportation by Navy and Marine Corps personnel.

FMO-3 Success

In December 2012, FMO-3 requested Immersion to perform a 'discovery effort' of how non-DTS travel payments in the hundreds of thousands are processed, tracked and archived. Immersion recently completed this project for FMO-3 that consisted of a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of Navy's non-DTS payment processes. Unlike the current DTS travel system, the non-DTS travel payment system is comprised of decentralized elements that include various sources, systems and processes.

Immersion recommended and analyzed specific Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) system data sets from two quarters (FY12 Q2 and FY13 Q1) that contained disbursements and collections for Navy and USMC. Immersion also analyzed disbursement data from the Automated Disbursement System (ADS), which receives certified payment data from WinIATS and disburses payments.

By analyzing these payment data sets, Immersion was able to:

  • Identify predominate certification and disbursement systems and quantify the volume of travel payments through these systems
  • Display the entire Navy non-DTS travel payment volume by source payments over specific time periods.
  • Quantify manual payments made by check/cash that are not part of the mainstream method of travel payment certification and disbursements.
  • Uncover unknown percentage of travel payments that could not be sourced, but were attributable to Navy.
  • Connect several data sets together from different systems to draw up a "financial picture" of what was certified and disbursed within the Navy for these non-DTS travel payments.
  • Prepare a comprehensive analysis of Windows Integrated Travel System (WinIATS) usage. WinIATS is the predominant system for Navy non-DTS travel payment certification.


Immersion's team of travel system subject matter experts provided a final report to senior FMO-3 personnel on June 5, 2013. Because of our teams' expertise, past performance and positive client relationships, we were able to provide a final report that led to the Director, Financial Services, Office of Financial Operations, stating that Immersion gave him "the best deliverable" he has received during his time at FMO. In addition, the Deputy Assistant Secretary Navy (Financial Operations), provided very positive feedback regarding Immersion's (and our partner, Accenture's) performance over the term of the contract.

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