Financial Management Services

Our Experts Move Your Mission Forward

Immersion Consulting's Financial Management Services team consists of professionals with financial, accounting and operations experience in the Federal government and the commercial marketplaces. Our team brings together consulting, technology and outsourcing capabilities and assets - along with deep financial, accounting and government expertise - to help our clients find solutions that will improve their profitability and operations.

Immersion's team of experts has the required skillsets and experience necessary to respond to the ever-changing, and complex regulatory environment in which our clients operate. We provide Immersion clients with the necessary accounting, auditing, asset management, budget formulation/execution, and financial compliance expertise they need. Our financial subject matter experts help our clients prepare and submit budgets that comply with federal, state, and local compliance rules and regulations.

Core Competencies

We have significant expertise in financial management and support services, but Immersion also draws upon our business capabilities experience. We tailor our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients. Immersion's financial management consulting services are centered on the following core competencies.

  • Accounting Support
  • Planning, Programming, Budget Formulation and Execution
  • Financial Management and Business Process Improvement
  • Compliance Reviews

Client Relationships

Our financial management competencies allow us to deliver subject matter expertise on financial strategy, operations and technology to our clients. Below is a partial list of our financial services clients.

  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management & Comptroller) Office of Financial Operations
  • Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management & Comptroller) Office of Financial Operations
  • Bureau of Naval Personnel
  • Washington Headquarters Services
  • General Service Administration (GSA) Office of Financial Management Systems (OFMS)
  • Naval History and Heritage Command
  • NAVSEA Financial Improvement Plan (FIP)
  • Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (N-ERP)
  • Office of the Under Secretary of Defense - Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (OUSD-AT&L)
  • Property and Equipment Policy (P&EP) Selective Service System (SSS)
  • Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

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