Program Management Success at DTS


navy logoThe Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, automated, end-to-end, Temporary Duty (TDY) travel management system that enables DoD travelers to create authorizations and reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and receive a split disbursement between their bank account and the Government Travel Charge Card (GOVCC). The traveler can access DTS via a single web portal available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it is required for use throughout DoD.

Navy DTS Success

Since 2004, Immersion has assisted the Navy DTS Program Manager in implementing, training and sustaining DTS. For nearly a decade, Immersion has been the primary contractor responsible for delivering program management support for this ACAT IA level program, which supports over 500,000 Navy military and civilian personnel. Immersion acts as a trusted travel and financial management expert for the DTS PMO.

Throughout our time supporting the Navy, Immersion has focused on maximizing ROI for DTS. This is especially true with our work in the Centrally-Billed Account (CBA) module. The CBA is a credit card used by most Navy Commands to ensure personnel who can't get an Individual Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) are able to travel on official business. Hundreds of Commands use this card and tens of thousands of transactions are processed monthly. Immersion has leveraged our expertise to assist the Navy in becoming the only service to fully implement the automated CBA module within DTS. As a result, this CBA module has significantly reduced DFAS transaction fees and interest costs, saving millions of dollars annually.

Immersion Consulting has been a guiding force in assisting the Navy manage and support DTS, especially with the CBA module. Immersion's understanding of the systematic relationships between the DTS travel documents, CBA transactions, the back-end accounting systems (i.e., STARS-FL, Navy ERP, DIFMS, etc.) and to the DFAS Entitlement System (OnePay), has helped to deliver results for our client. Immersion's oversight and maintenance of all the cross-functions mentioned above have ensured financial integrity within Navy DTS as well as cost savings. Immersion is even the solution provider that the DoD DTS Helpdesk turns to first for assistance with problems beyond their understanding. 

CBA Program Highlights

  • Immersion helped Navy become the only branch of the military to successfully use the CBA Module within DTS.  In 2011, the Navy’s Consolidated Card Program Management Division (CCPMD) reported a first time ever 0% CBA delinquency across the Navy. According to the Army DTS Program Manager, Immersion executed the only successful Army automated CBA pilot (Army Reserve Command). This contract resulted in shortening Vendor Payments from an average of 70+ days to less than 5 days. Transaction fee savings were also realized.
  • An Immersion employee was awarded the 2009 Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management and Comptroller (ASN FM&C) Individual award. This same individual was also Navy’s nominee for the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) for that year. This is the only award where contractors can be directly recognized. Immersion's efforts with electronically closing out all CBA cards under a large national bank's credit card contract ensured that Navy had correctly paid all its bills to this credit card vendor. Doing this within DTS or any system is a first ever occurrence for the Navy and DoD.

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