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Subject matter expertise that takes your Microsoft Exchange environment to the next level of performance, security & reliability.

Fotolia 48963859 XSsmallImmersion Consulting offers Microsoft Exchange services to clients in the Federal, State and Local Government, Education and Commercial sectors. Immersion employs subject matter experts (SME's) who possess a real-world understanding of what it takes to manage complex and challenging Exchange environments. With a focus on seeking to understand first, our experts take a process-oriented approach, leveraging their extensive Microsoft Exchange knowledge and experience to offer our clients solutions that greatly advance their mission. From Microsoft Exchange migrations and upgrades to cloud migrations to Office 365, Immersion provides seasoned professionals with the talent and experience that ensures your project is a success.

  1. Migration & Consolidation
  2. Compliance & Security
  3. Management & Admin

Exchange Migration & Consolidation Services

Fotolia 49960423 XScroppedOur team of highly experienced and skilled Exchange migration experts take a process-oriented approach when performing Exchange Migrations & Consolidations. Using the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) in combination with our deep knowledge and real-world experience, we meticulously perform a pre-migration assessment and create a plan for each step of the Exchange migration process. Our unique combination of experience and knowledge combined with our process-oriented approach ensures that your Exchange Migration will take place with little to no impact on your daily operations.

Migration Experience that Counts

Immersion has performed and managed hundreds of successful Exchange migration and consolidation projects. Our legacy of success in performing Exchange migrations make us an Exchange migration service provider of distinction. Our experience means we anticipate and plan ahead for problems and issues that may impact your messaging environment, keeping your organization's Exchange and messaging environment humming along during a migration.

Exchange Migration Scenarios:

  • Exchange 5.5 to 2010/13 Upgrade Migration
  • Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 Migration
  • GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange on Premise
  • GroupWise to Microsoft Office 365
  • Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange

Pre-Migration Assessment & Planning

Pre-Migration Assessment and Planning is a critical and essential first step in performing an efficient Exchange Migration. Our clients benefit from our years of migration and consolidation experience in some the most intense environments on the planet and our experts excel at creating an Exchange migration plan tailored to your environment and agreed upon end-state goals. We are able to identify issues that other consulting organizations with less experience miss because of many successful migration engagements. Once the migration plan is created, we rigorously test the plan against our assumptions and refine the plan on an iterative basis.

Expert Delivery

Performing the actual Exchange migration and consolidation is where the rubber meets the road, and because Immersion painstakingly plans and tests each step of the migration process, we can deliver an Exchange migration that fully supports co-existence and continuity of messaging operations.

Product Agnostic Approach

Immersion Consulting is product agnostic. We do have experience with many third party migration products that are often required for an efficient Exchange migration. Our product experience includes the use of native Microsoft tools, Quest Migration Manager for Exchange, GroupWise Migrator for Exchange, Notes Migrator for Exchange, the full suite of Quest's Office 365 Migration Solutions (all Quest products now part of Dell) and other tool sets. We are more than happy to discuss and recommend the right tool for the job based on your environment.

Navigate Microsoft Exchange Compliance & Security Challenges

ExchangeComplianceOrganizations today rely on their Exchange Messaging Environment to run their business more than ever before. For organizations who use Microsoft Exchange or the cloud-based solution, Office 365 there is good news. The tools (native and third party) that address, enforce and manage compliance and security are mature and feature rich. One of the challenges every organization faces is creating a messaging compliance security policy that addresses regulatory requirements and that enforces and reports in accordance with that policy. Immersion's Exchange compliance and security experts help organizations create, implement, monitor and respond to compliance and reporting requests in an efficient and audit-able fashion.

Exchange Compliance & Security Policy Development

An organization must create a detailed messaging compliance policy that supports specific regulatory directives and agency-specific compliance initiatives. This policy must be thoughtfully crafted and reviewed on a periodic basis so that the organization's policies and external regulatory directives are addressed on a continuous basis. Immersion's Exchange messaging experts have not only the experience to help an organization create their messaging compliance policy, but are also able to recommend and implement processes and tools that will support the compliance plan.

Exchange Compliance & Security Policy Implementation

Microsoft Exchange Policy & Security plans must be enforced in order to be effective. Immersion's Exchange Compliance & Security Experts are experienced in helping organizations set up systems, processes and software that reports and alerts on Exchange compliance and security violations to ensure effective enforcement and audit-able reporting.

Exchange Situational Awareness Monitoring for Compliance & Security

Monitoring, reporting and alerting are critical components for Exchange compliance plan achievement. Immersion Consulting's Microsoft Exchange experts are experienced in implementing native and third party tools that address this very important aspect of policy achievement using Microsoft native tools, Quest Change Auditor for Exchange, Quest MessageStats (Quest products now part of Dell) and other third party products.

Expert Exchange Management & Administration Consulting

Fotolia 47726080 XSCroppedMicrosoft Exchange is a mission-critical application and the expert management and administration of Exchange is a fundamental reality today for most businesses. Effective Exchange monitoring, reporting, alerting and backup and recovery procedures are no longer optional. Immersion's skilled Exchange experts have helped hundreds of organizations improve their Exchange management and administration posture - increasing an organization's efficiency, improving up-time and implementing bullet proof recovery and discovery procedures that ensure an organization can quickly recover an entire Exchange server (or just a single message) quickly and efficiently.  

Exchange Backup, Recovery & Discovery

Exchange administrators are often tasked with discovery and/or recovery of Exchange message level data for a variety of reasons. For efficiency and compliance reasons, it is essential that an organization have a capable process that allows for the satisfaction of such requests in a timely manner. Immersion helps organizations implement systems and processes (both native and third party) that enable the efficient backup, discovery and recovery of message level data from a variety of messaging platforms.

Exchange Reporting, Alerting & Analysis

A good Exchange reporting infrastructure is important from a health and policy compliance standpoint. Immersion provides advisory and design services and helps clients implement robust Exchanging reporting, alerting and analysis systems. Using mixture of native and third party tools, Immersion's Exchange subject matter experts help organizations quickly implement a system that is well defined and goal oriented. 

Reporting & Management Features

  • Exchange Usage Analysis Reports
  • Exchange uptime & SLA Reporting
  • Exchange Server Activity Reports
  • Exchange Policy Compliance Reports
  • Public Folder Reporting (usage, size, access)
  • Exchange Capacity & Storage Reporting
  • Exchange Chargeback Reporting

Working with Immersion

Immersion's team of Microsoft Exchange experts can quickly help organizations discover, plan, implement and better manage Exchange. Immerison is experienced in using native and third party tools that help an organization better manage and operate this mission critical system.

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