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GlobeTravelImmersion Consulting is an award-winning leader in providing training programs for public and private customers. Immersion's experienced team offers onsite or virtual training that includes an innovative, high quality training program that will improve your workforce's skills and also benefit your organization's goals.

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DTS Role Based Training Courses:


DTS Program Management Training

Course Number: 501 | Duration: 3 Days | Cost: $1,950 Per Student
Immersion Consulting has created a comprehensive DTS Program Management Training course that provides a holistic approach to the management and oversight of DTS/CBA/IBA GTCC as a single program of record. Utilizing today's legacy operating systems, such as CFMS UOL (Unliquidated Obligations), FM Suite (Travel Open Document Listings) and other output products, DTS Program Management Training is an excellent tool for current Fiscal Year Closeout as well as prior year triage, support and resolutions. The course includes:
  • Leveraging your access, reports and data elements to ensure database accuracy
  • Creating workbooks and tools which includes prioritizing problems, learning effective corrective actions and applying solutions
  • Learning practical application exercises using live production products to identify and correct errors
  • Training to assist in merging knowledge and workloads to achieve a more productive, efficient workforce
NOTE: This course also covers the impact of the new FIAR/TOP Monthly CP reports. In addition, it focuses on the CPTS (Causation, Prevention, Training and Sustainment) of business practices, triage of issues and resolutions and business practice improvements that help eliminate the content of the CP reports on the reoccurring monthly reporting.


DTS Skills Development
Course Number: 500 | Duration: Varies | Cost: Varies

This course provides valued-needed training on how to improve the administrative support and maintenance of DTS for your organization. The course covers ways to better improve processing of documents, streamline procedures and maximize the capabilities and functions of the DTS process. Topics covered are:
  • In depth overview of the DTS organization naming convention and groups, global group membership rules and managing multiple profiles.
  • Identify, if needed, re-organizations necessary to improve business practices.
  • Discuss importance of Post Payment Audit and Deployment Travel and in detail, review what effects the new long term TAD requirements for Flat Rate Per Diem will have on your DTS processes.
  • Customize, over-the-shoulder training that will help your organization improve and sustain good business practices.


DTS Traveler Training
Course Number: 101 | Duration: 4.5 Hours | Cost: $760 Per Student

Course provides an overview of the DTS website, the DoD Travel Training and Resource Center, and the responsibilities of the traveler entrusted with the mission to conduct travel for a temporary duty assignment and the incurring of reimbursable expenses as well as the routing officials. This training includes but is not limited to the following subject areas: travel policy and regulation, types of travel arrangements, traveler entitlements, compliance with rules of ethics regarding allowances and privileges.

Topics covered:
      • Travel supported and not supported in DTS
      • GOVCC Policies
      • Traveler Responsibilities
      • Traveler Checklist
      • One-Day TDY/Local Travel
      • Travel Policies consistent with JTR/JFTR and service business rules, voucher process, FAQs and links for additional information.
      • Traveler User Manual – A step-by-step guide for creating an authorization and a voucher. Included are instructions for adjusting the Per Diem Entitlements table and a section on Split Disbursements.
      • Also included are links for additional information and Defense Travel System tri-fold pamphlet for creating an authorization and voucher.


Course Number: 102 | Duration: 1 Day | Cost: $760 Per Student


This course is designed for DTAs who have overall responsibility for setting up and maintaining the Defense Travel System (DTS). The students will experience in-depth hands-on training by creating an organization, self-registration/creating people, creating and maintaining routing lists, lines of accounting, budgets and groups. A full day of hands-on training is dedicated to creating authorizations, vouchers and group authorizations. This training concentrates on using the DTS maintenance tool. The training course concludes with reports, helpful guides, help desk contact information and a certificate of training.


AO/CO/RO Training

Course Number: 103 | Duration: 1 Day | Cost: $980 Per Student

Course outlines the AO/CO duties and responsibilities with respect to the traveler's supervisory chain that controls the mission, directs/authorizes travel (Authorization), certifies/approves travel claims (Voucher) and determines funds availability/ obligates travel funds.

Topics covered:
  • Processing and approving document
  • Travel Policy/Expenses
  • Approving Official requirements/Pecuniary Liability/Responsibilities
  • Credit Card Usage
  • Receipts – compliant with JTR/JFTR and service business rules
  • Common Reimbursement Errors


APC (Newly Appointed) GTCC Management Training
Course Number: 104 | Duration: 3 Days | Cost: $760 Per Student

This course is specifically designed for the newly appointed Agency Program Coordinator (APC) to understand her/his roles within the Defense Travel System (DTS) and provide Consolidated Card Program Management training assist the APC in successfully administering her/his duties.

Topics covered:
  • What is the role of the APC? Understanding your assigned personnel assigned, hierarchy, mandatory training requirements, access and duties
  • APC credit card responsibilities, metrics, CitiDirect - Electronic Access System (EAS) and miscellaneous
  • Review of all travel card descriptions and limitations
  • Traveler responsibilites - proper use while on travel, mandatory expenses, types of transactions, ect.
  • Travel claims and split disbursement requirements, activating and deactivating accounts, monthly delinquency list and your role to support the commands and travelers, ect.
  • Mandatory training for the travelers
  • DTS Program and Policies 101 and the SOU (Statement of Understanding)


Advanced NDEA/RO Training
Course Number: 200 | Duration: 3 Days | Cost: $980 Per Student

This course is designed to assist the Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA) and Reviewing Official (RO) with understanding the mandatory appointment requirements. The main goal of the course to provide a - clear understanding of 1351-2 requirements, signatures, and policy related to T-entering documents on behalf of travelers and the mandatory uploaded substantiating documentation required.

Topics covered:
  • Review of the content of the itinerary, specifically airfare that uses the CBA (Centrally Billed Accounts
  • Proper cancellation procedures for routine and complicated trips
  • Review of substantiating documentation and mandatory ticket requirements for trips that use the CBA
  • Dos and don'ts to prevent rejected transactions


Debt Management Monitor Training
Course Number: 201 | Duration: 3 Days | Cost: $1,250 Per Student
This course is designed for the DTS financial management professional to understand the roles, responsibilities, tools and the management of the Debt Management Monitor.

Topics covered:

  • Getting Started as a DMM - - Proper Appointment, Access and Permissions
  • DTS Debt Basics - What causes debts?
  • DMM Gateway Overview
  • DTS DMM Reports
  • DMM Gateway and DMM Management Report Differences
  • Debt Process
  • DMM Responsibilities and DMM Actions throughout the Debt Process
  • Managing Debts
  • Waivers
  • Collections
  • OOS (Out of Service debts) and much more ...


APC Advanced GTCC Card Management Training
Course Number: 300 | Duration: 3 Days | Cost: $980 Per Student
This course is designed to help the APC with delinquency management, understand the 30 Day Buckets, Split Disbursements and work the weekly and monthly reports.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding Suspended, Cancelled and Charge-Off categories
  • Identify the top three reasons for delinquencies
  • Applying program management to the APC process
  • Build workbooks and reports that will assist in audit readiness and compliance meetings


Centrally Billed Account Training
Course Number: 301 | Duration: 3 Days | Cost: $1,450 Per Student
This training course provides training for the automated CBA reconciliation module within DTS to matching transactions and certifying DTS invoices.

Topics covered:
  • Advantages of using CBA module within DTS vs Manual Process
  • Initiating student into terminology used in CBA and DTS Module
  • Reconciling transactions and insuring
  • Certification of the invoice itself
  • Also covered are special exceptions to difficult transactions
  • Time dedicated to each student's unique organization and the corresponding DTS/CBA difficult transactions


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